Our handmade, 100% all-natural, Vegan Soaps are made exclusively with a variety of fruit and veggie oils (organic coconut, olive, sunflower, palm, soy, avocado, jojoba, etc.). We NEVER use any animal products or fats in our soaps.  All of our luxurious bars of soap are scented with the same essential oils that are commonly used in aroma therapy sessions.  All of the oils have their own special characteristics and benefits that are well known to the folks who advocate their use.  We NEVER use any synthetic or artificial fragrance oils, dyes, or colorants… EVER!  The other ingredients found in our soaps also come directly from Mother Nature, such as oatmeal, poppy seeds, coffee, French lavender flowers and buds, peppermint leaves, honey, etc….

We hope that you’ll enjoy using our soaps and we’d love to hear from you!